Mother Lies To School, Says Daughter's Rival Has STD

Forget spending days on an application essays and laboring over character references. One mother from Queenstown, New Zealand has admitted to taking drastic, and illegal, measures to ensure her daughter was accepted into two prestigious schools instead of her rival, reports the Southland Times.

According to the publication, the 53-year-old posed as a nurse named "Anne-Marie Thompson" when she called the two schools, falsely informing the school officials that her daughter's rival applicant was a lesbian with an untreated sexually transmitted disease.

However, according to the Otago Daily Times, her planned backfired when both schools became suspicious and checked with the clinics the mother claimed to work for.

After responding "no comment" to all of the local police's inquiries, the mother appeared visibly shaken when she faced two charges of using a telephone for a fictitious purpose in court, the New Zealand Herald reported.

According to the report, the charges include three months behind bars and a $2,000 fine. So far, the defendent is out on bail until next month after the judge ordered a pre-sentencing report.