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Mothers From Around The Globe Tell Us What Is Most Important To Them

Find out what parents around the world really have in common.

Inspired by the illuminating findings of an international study conducted by Fisher-Price, which asked more than 3,500 new and expectant mothers in seven countries about their hopes for their children’s futures, we partnered with the early childhood development company to ask moms around the world one question: “What is most important to you as a parent and why?” Despite their very diverse backgrounds, the mothers’ responses* repeatedly touched on a common theme: they all shared an unconditional love for their kids.

*All answers have been translated to English

philippines mother daughter
Image: Glaiza Garcia-Tominio of Moomy Musings

Glaiza Garcia-Tominio
“To raise my daughter to be an independent, responsible, successful, happy and loving adult. When she has these necessary life skills and virtues in her heart, they will bring her strength and confidence to face anything that life throws at her.”

mom daughter on beach
Image: Monique Solomon of IrieDiva

Monique Solomon
“It is important to me that I am always available to see my daughter through first times and booboos.”

South Africa
family of three
Image: Shanêy Vijendranath of You, Baby and I

Shanêy Vijendranath
“Working toward a brighter future so one day my children can become responsible adults and take care of the world responsibly.”

Yazmin Alvarado
“For me the most important thing as a mother is to strengthen our ties as a family and teach my children values such as respect, solidarity with others and with those who need.”

Caroline Sia
"To impart a big heart onto my children -- to have them appreciate the small things around them, and to always have an open mind. As the world spins at a faster and crazier pace, the right attitude will fuel their life adventures to the fullest."

mom kids in water
Image: Terri Henry of Onelove Livity

Terri Henry
“I want my children and children around the world to have clean water to drink, fresh air to breathe and to experience the awe, wonder and joy that comes from simply being in nature.”

United States
africanamerican family
Image: Kristen Taylor-Umunna of Kristenography

Kristen Taylor-Umunna
“We live in a society now powered by all kinds of media influences -- telling us how someone should think, look, act or live to be successful. It is important for me to teach my children that they can be as successful as they want to be as long as they have confidence in themselves and their own unique abilities.”

irish family
Image: Hey Ali/Alan Rowlette Photography

Ali Coghlan
“The most important thing to me as a parent is that my children are raised to be good people, that they are kind, treat others with respect and have manners.”

family party
Image: Tan Shu-Yin of Shu-Yin’s Sanctuary

Tan Shu-Yin
“I want to be there for my children as much as possible, to create memories with them in every little step of their lives -- to be there for them for their tears of sadness and tears of joy.”

United Arab Emirates
mother daughter united arab emirates
Image: freelance writer and editor Hala Khalaf

Hala Khalaf
"Maintaining a healthy sense of humor, and injecting a dose of silly into the day every once in a while. I want my daughter to learn how important it is to laugh, how tedious it is to take herself too seriously, how therapeutic it can be to indulge in a good giggle."

Sarayu Hegde
“The single most important thing for me as a parent is ‘being there’ for my son -- listening to him, participating in his interests and being a big part of all the important moments in his life.”

Christine Furtado
“The most important [thing] to me as a parent is to educate them so that they become good human beings.”

Shlomit Vizner
“It is important for me to be able to 'see' my children, be there for them and give space to their emotions so they feel they are not alone.”

United Kingdom
mom and daughter united kingdom
Image: Alicia Peyrano of Little Citizens Boutique

Alicia Peyrano
“Most important for me as a parent is that my child develop as an open human being and embrace all kinds of ideas, people and experiences.”

canadian family
Image: Patti Barnes of Red Headed Patti

Patti Barnes
“The most important thing to me as a parent is being able to provide an upbringing that helps our children become happy, well-adjusted adults who are capable of contributing to their communities as well as having good relationships with those around them.”

No matter where they live or what their background, all parents want the best possible start in life for their children. Fisher-Price is dedicated to enriching the lives of young families along their developmental journey and believes that most of all, your love is the best possible start in life.


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