Motherhood Teaches Me The Importance Of Self Love Self Care

Motherhood Teaches Me The Importance Of Self Love Self Care
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It's taken me quite a bit of time for to understand this, but I finally understand what it means to love myself. Yes, I love my body, but most important, I love my heart, my mind, my Soul Spirit. I love who I am inside. I love the wisdom consciousness in my Soul Spirit. I'm still healing and working on my healing process progress one day at a time, but I now realize that saying, "I love you," to my image in the mirror and, "I love myself," is beautiful and ok. I am still having trouble saying it at times, but considering the hard working Mother I am of a special needs child and the daily difficulties I go through with him and my courage and strength to get through the day and endure all the painful ups and downs of my own difficulties, I realize it takes a very strong brave spirit to endure and "Keep pushin' on," the title musical lyric from one of my favorite band's songs, REO Speedwagon.

My survival and well being depend on my feeling good and taking extra tender loving self care of me. One afternoon, I realized I was missing out on doing healing artwork, so, I rediscovered that I love to draw, in addition to write, and it helps me feel relaxed, centered, grounded. The mere fact that I desire to feel good and take tender loving extra good self care of me and I know I deserve to feel good is proof to myself my Soul Spirit that I do love myself and I love what and who I am inside. I am also reminded that I'm a perfect imperfect human and I'm going to make mistakes and screw up. I just need to focus on the good solutions and what feels good and right and of course listen to my Inner Voice Intuition which is always guiding me and protecting me. I feel so inspired to share and express my feelings and thoughts. Motherhood, especially for a special needs child, has given me a crash course in the vital deserved right of self care self love. I am very grateful for this wonderful life lesson.

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