Mother's Day 2012: Men's Messages To Their Moms

Since May 1 we've published essays from women about their moms and the complicated relationships they have with the women who raised, wounded, inspired, infuriated and loved them. However, we're aware that adult men also have strong ties to their moms, and with Mother's Day fast approaching, we want to acknowledge those bonds, too.

Tres Sugar drew attention to the closeness between sons and their moms yesterday with a slideshow of quotes from male celebrities about their moms, but it occurred to us that men outside of Hollywood probably have some pretty quotable things to say to their mothers, too.

Guys, if you have a Mother's day message for your mom, please send a photo of her or, even better, the two of you, as well as a short message to women@huffingtonpost.com. We'll include your tribute in the slideshow below, kicked off by a few good men from The Huffington Post.

It could mean the world to your mother, and, incidentally, it's pretty much guaranteed to make any woman reading swoon.

SLIDESHOW: Men's Mother's Day Messages To Mom



Men's Mother's Day Messages To Their Moms