8 Ways To Take Mom's Favorite Treat To The Next Level

8 Alternatives To That Thing You Buy Your Mom Every Year

Let’s be honest: even if your Mom drives you totally insane from time to time, is there anyone else in the world that gives you such fierce, unconditional love 365 days a year?

Thank goodness we have Mother’s Day, a time when we all come together and give a collective “thank you” to the women who matter most. And while it’s expected that we spoil our mothers silly on this special day, maybe its time to take it one step further. Below are some ways you can treat your mom with her favorite foods beyond the dining room table.

For The Fruity Mom
If your mom is the kind who lives for dried mango slices and fresh juice, give her the gift of fruit in the most indulgent (and stress-relieving) form. While fresh fruit has become quite the fixture at day spas, consider throwing your mom a citrus-relaxation zone of her own! Follow these instructions to treat her to a homemade spa bath and citrus mask, and make sure to fill the room with some lovely essential oils. As a post-relaxation goodie bag, treat her to a beautifully wrapped, delicious smelling candle (such as this grapefruit scented one).
For The ‘Cinnamon, Spice And Everything Nice’ Mom
The smell of home can mean different things to different people, but no one can deny that cinnamon-like goodness can pull at the nostalgic heartstrings like nothing else. If your mom is the type who spends long hours whipping up delicious, cinnamon and nutmeg filled delicacies, treat her to a little bit of her own sweetness. If you are looking to go all out, surprise her with a trip to the Ocean House’s OH! Spa for a cinnamon-maple body scrub. Alternatively, you can always gift her this fantastic-smelling cinnamon scented candle, and create your own cinnamon scrub at home.
For The Tea-Loving Mom
A wise woman once told me, “tea is not just a drink; it’s an experience.” Take this adage to the next level and give your mom some tender tea love. You can create a tea-themed gift bag for her, including this delicious looking tea soap bar, and a scented candle. In addition, green tea pedicures are all the rage at many nail salons! Treat your mom to a tea-filled day, and make sure to have a steaming cup ready for her when she is done.
For The Classic Chocolate-Loving Mom
Does your mom go crazy for cocoa? If so, try thinking outside the box and give her some deliciously indulgent “me” time. A number of spas offer chocolate body wraps, foot scrubs and more. However, if you are looking to pull out all the stops, Chocolate For Your Body, a spa in Chicago offers an entire day of blissful cocoa-licious treatments including a chocolate body wrap, facial, mani, pedi and a chocolate martini to top it off.
For The Pinot Noir Mom
For some mothers, the simple pleasure of a glass of wine is more than enough to ease the stress of a long day. Channel that mindset through some healthy-for-your-body wine uses. Give your mom an adorable wine bottle candle, and treat her to one of these wine-inspired spa treatments.
For The Caffeinated Mom
Is coffee the way to your mother’s heart? No matter if she’s the dark roast macchiato-type, or just jonesing for her morning drip -- treat her to the touch and smell of a coffee-filled treatment. Go the extra step with some DIY coffee crafts: try making this rustic looking candle, or an insanely easy coffee body scrub. Alternatively, you can go all out and take her java habit straight to the spa.
For The Nutty Mom
All moms are nutty, but let’s admit it: Some wear their silly better than others. If your mom falls into this category, show her how much you love her zany side by treating her with some funky treatments. Seek out the rare candlenut, a type of tree nut that can actually be used as a candle all on it’s own. Alternatively, you can treat her to a set of almond body products, which treats weary skin and smells incredible all at the same time.
For The Herbal Mom
Does your mom live for gardening? If so, she probably feels a special kinship with the scent and feel of hearty, fresh herbs. Indulge her clean and natural side with a set of basil scented soaps and candles from Mrs. Meyer’s, and give her feet the treat they deserve with an herbal spa pedicure.

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