Mother's Day Cards I Could Use As An Estranged Daughter

Mother's Day Cards I Could Use As An Estranged Daughter
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Thank You For Carrying Me In Your Womb and Giving Birth To Me. (inside) That Part Went Pretty Well From My Perspective.

Remember The Time When We Were Both Happy Together, Years Ago? (inside) That Was a Good Time.

I Think You're Really Beautiful In The Photos I Have Of You. (inside) I Do Look At Them Still, Sometimes.

Feelings, Am I Right? (inside) That Shit Is Complicated.

When I Think Back On My Childhood, I... (inside: extended and unprintable list of expletives, stained with tears)

Sorry I Haven't Called, I've Been Recovering For The Past Five Years.

I Miss You, But. (inside: blank)

This Is Just A Note To Say My Life Has Been A Lot Happier Lately. (inside) I Hope Yours Has Been, Too.

I Feel Like You'd Get A Kick Out Of All The People Who Tell Me We Just Need To Find Jesus To Fix Our Relationship.

I Wish I Could Have Been The Daughter You Wanted. (inside: blank)

I Wish You Could Have Been The Mother I Needed. (inside: blank)

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