Send A Mother's Day E-Card And Thank Your Mom For Teaching You To Thrive

Arianna Huffington's book Thrive asks us to learn from our mothers about giving, and to then to go ahead and do the same ourselves. "Once, a stranger admired the necklace she was wearing," Arianna writes of her mother. "My mother took it off and gave it to her. When the astonished woman asked, 'What can I give you in return?' My mother said, 'It’s not a trade, darling, it’s an offering.'"

This Mother's Day, The Huffington Post wants you to tell your mother how important she is to you, and how she's taught you to thrive. Use the widget below to send her an e-card -- either over a quick personal email or by posting it on her Facebook wall or your own Twitter feed.

To use the card widget, follow the instructions below.

1. Click on the placeholder text to type your message. Hit the "next" button when you're satisfied with the text.
2. After the card has flipped, click and drag your mouse on the message area to draw a signature or picture. This step is optional.
3. Click the social buttons to share over email, Facebook, or Twitter. After you have clicked any one of these, a "download" button will appear so you can save the image directly.
4. At any point, if you'd like to start over, refresh the page to clear the card.

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