The 10 Best Flower And Plant Delivery Services For Mother’s Day

Here's how to get flowers and plants delivered in time for the holiday.

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It's not too late to order flowers and plants to be delivered in time for Mother's Day.
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It's not too late to order flowers and plants to be delivered in time for Mother's Day.

With Mother’s Day coming up faster than you can spell “chrysanthemum,” you might be looking for something to surprise your mom or another special woman in your life.

This Mother’s Day — it’s on May 10, if you need a reminder — will probably be different from ones of years past, and you might be wondering how to get your gift to your mom if you can’t give it to her in person.

You could have some rosé delivered to her door or send her a sweet treat that she can have with her afternoon tea. But if fresh flowers are an annual Mother’s Day tradition for you, that’s still an option.

Pro tip: Flower deliveries, like other deliveries, might be delayed this year, so order your Mother’s Day flowers earlier than you might otherwise.

First off, you should see if local florists in your mom’s town can deliver to her. You can also check places like Floom, which delivers blooms from independent flower shops.

But there are other options as well. You have plenty of things on your plate right now, so we rounded up 10 of the best flower delivery services. Keep in mind, too, that places like 1-800-Flowers and ProFlowers are offering no-contact deliveries right now, so you might want to send your mom a text beforehand so she doesn’t miss her gift.

Check out these flowers and plants that’ll get delivered just in time for Mother’s Day:

If your mom is more into leaves than petals, Bloomscape's Mother's Day shop will "give her a gift that grows." There's everything from a trio of thorny cacti to the playful polka-dotted leaves of a begonia plant. The plants in the shop range from $35 for a prayer plant to $195 for a bamboo palm. Bloomscape is experiencing longer ship times and says orders should ship within five to seven business days. The brand even has a shipping map for the transit time it'll take to get to different states.

Check out Bloomscape's Mother's Day shop.
The Bouqs Co.
The Bouqs
The Bouqs has a special section of its site specifically for Mother's Day flowers. These fresh flowers start at $49 and go up to $79. There's a "Purple Reign" bouquet, filled with lavender and white roses, for the mom who's a Prince fan. And for the brunch-loving mom, there's a bouquet called "Mom-osa" with yellow lilies. You can pick the delivery date for the Mother's Day flowers to arrive (from May 5 until May 9) and check your mom's zip code to see what flowers will ship last-minute.

Check out The Bouqs' Mother's Day offerings.
For the mom who has her own favorite local florist, Floom might be your go-to. Floom ships out flowers from independent florists across the U.S. You can enter your mom's zip code and the day you want the bouquet delivered and see arrangements from local florists. But procrastinators, you might have to plan ahead: Depending on the restrictions put in place in a state, you'll have to check to see if they can be delivered to your mom's town. But the arrangements are definitely unique, since they're from a local florist. Prices depend on where you're sending flowers to. Cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco have same-day delivery options.

Check out the Mother's Day offerings at Floom.
Ode á la Rose
Ode á la Rose
You might not have heard of Ode á la Rose, but the NYC-based flower delivery brand is ideal if you're a procrastinator. Ode á la Rose offers same-day delivery in New York City and Chicago, plus next-day delivery to most cities in the Northeast. The brand's flowers are fresh from the farm and picked in Holland. That's a fun fact your mom would love hearing. And if you're not on the East Coast, Ode á la Rose gives free shipping anywhere in the U.S. with bouquets shipping from Holland in three to five business days. Keep in mind that Ode á la Rose says it currently has a limited selection of bouquets that range from $89 to $200 for 80 stems (that's a lot of petals). You might go for these blue hyacinths or pastel tulips.

Check out Ode á la Rose's offerings.
For the mom that's truly a plant parent at heart, you might want to go with a plant that'll actually grow with her. And has plenty. While the company doesn't have a specific Mother's Day assortment, you can check out its different collections, including pet-friendly and easy care plants. You could even go for this succulent terrarium that can decorate a side table or long-lasting hydrangeas. You can click a button on the site to say that your plant's a gift, which will let you write a message and pick a delivery date. Your plant should ship out within two to four business days of the order being placed. If you're a super last-minute shopper, you can get next-day and overnight shipping but it'll cost you an extra shipping fee.

Check out the plants at
ProFlowers has a lot of colorful arrangements, if you're hoping to send something that'll brighten up your mom's day. The bouquets usually have shades of yellow and purple. There's this "Bee's Knees" bouquet with a honeycomb vase and a sunflower-filled "Sweet as Lemonade" one, too. Fresh flowers can start at $35 and go up to about $100. ProFlowers can be delivered the same day up until 2 p.m. in most of the U.S., and you can opt to ship flowers in a gift box, too. But we'd recommend picking a day early to get the bouquet delivered to your mom's door.

Check out the Mother's Day collection at ProFlowers.
The Sill
The Sill
The Sill has its own Mother's Day collection of plants, which range from $50 to $125, including a plant mom gift set and spotted orchid flower. If you pick a plant from the collection, you have until May 3 to have it shipped in time for Mother's Day. These orders should ship within two business days, The Sill says. But if you're looking at leaves that aren't from the collection, those ship out in 13 business days.

Check out The Sill's Mother's Day collection.
Terrain offers both fresh and faux plants, just in case your mom's not a great plant parent. If your mom's an Anthropologie lover, she might love the look of Terrain's flowers, since the two are owned by the same company. The brand has its own gift guide for Mother's Day, which includes this bunch of fresh iris and one of rainbow ranunculus. Terrain's blooms are a little pricier, going up to $98. You'll have to order by 10 a.m. ET on May 5 so that these flowers are delivered by Mother's Day.

Check out Terrain's gift guide for Mother's Day.
For the mom who likes posting pictures on Instagram, UrbanStems has bouquets for the center of her dining table, including a collaboration of arrangements with Vogue. The flowers in the Mother's Day shop include this one called The Luna and an all-pink arrangement appropriately called the La Vie en Rose. You can choose the delivery date up until May 9 and some of the bouquets have an overnight shipping option, too. Fresh flowers can range from $45 to $125. And if you're looking for dried flowers, the ones at UrbanStems go up to $175.

Check out UrbanStem's Mother's Day collection.
1-800 Flowers
1-800-Flowers has its own Mother's Day shop with bouquets of carnations and baby’s breath and gardenias in a silver planter. These blue orchids, too, are a part of the Mother's Day selection. The prices at 1-800-Flowers definitely vary, but most are within $50 to $70. The flowers in this shop are all able to be shipped by Mother's Day and have next-day and same-day delivery. If you're more of a planner, you can pick the delivery day but keep in mind that some dates have special shipping charges.

Check out Mother's Day flowers at 1-800-Flowers.

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