How To Keep Mom's Flowers As Fresh As She Is On Mother's Day

Keep them lasting a lily bit longer.

Americans are expected to spend $21.4 billion on their mothers for Mother's Day this year.

That breaks down to about $172.22 for the average U.S. consumer, according to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics.

What can we say? We love our moms.

But even more than that, we love giving flowers to our moms: According to the survey, we're going to spend $2.4 billion on flowers for her this holiday.

How can you keep those flowers looking fresh as long as possible?

The folks at flower delivery service The Bouqs Co. shared a few tips with us:

1. Change the water daily.

You should change the water in your vase every day (or at the very least, every other day) because of bacteria that grows in the water. Bacteria is a main reason flowers wilt, so keep that water fresh and your flowers will thank you by staying fresh themselves.

2. The penny trick is a myth.

It's a nice thought, but throwing a few pennies in your water doesn't really help your flowers that much (while copper is a fungicide, pennies aren't soluble).

Instead, florists recommend you use flower food (formulated additives you mix in the water) which has been verified by a Real Simple test as the best way to preserve your blooms.

3. Use hot and cold water.

In addition to changing your water every day, you should start a new bouquet by using hot water, which The Bouqs Co. says will help the flowers bloom faster by absorbing the water through their stems more rapidly. To keep them open longer, throw in an ice cube or two to cool the water. Cool water will help them stay open.

4. Cut the stems daily.

Every day, after you toss the water, cut off about a fourth of an inch of your flowers' stems. This removes any bacteria at the open end of the stem and clears the way for your fresh water.