24 Foolproof Mother’s Day Gifts For Moms Who Are Hard To Shop For

A cozy weighted blanket, digital picture frame, countertop herb garden and more gifts you basically can’t go wrong with.
A High Fidelity turntable and vinyl record player from Amazon, a pair of L.L. Bean Daybreak Scuff slippers and an aesthetic sunflower notepad from Unicorn Eclipse at Etsy.

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the moms in our lives, and a thoughtful gift is a lovely way to do that. Still, choosing the right item for your mom can be understandably intimidating, especially if you suspect your mom is a little difficult to impress.

I’m a firm believer that it’s the thought that counts, but nevertheless, we all want our gifts to make an impact and be appreciated. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some gift options for moms who may be hard to please. Ranging from practical items and tech to cozy blankets, slippers, unique stationery and more, you’re sure to find some options for every kind of parent here. Read on for more.

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A bestselling towel warmer for some simple luxury
Called game-changing by reviewers, this makes towels deliciously warm so your mom can wrap herself in a cozy sheath after a shower or bath. It's sure to make an excellent gift: One reviewer says she bought the towel warmer for her children, who never asked for it or wanted it before, and now they cannot shower without it.

It's pleasingly intuitive to use, offering a built-in timer with options for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes of heating time, and an automatic shut-off feature. It’s designed to be compact and lightweight, so it’ll fit easily in small spaces and won’t be too heavy to move around if needed.
A cult-favorite, deliciously soft Barefoot Dreams blanket
This Barefoot Dreams blanket is so cozy and soft (illegally so, jokes one reviewer) that it’s heralded by celebs like Oprah and the Kardashians. It’s made of plush, cozy microfiber that reviewers deem magically snuggly, and holds up well in the wash — when you can bear to part from it long enough for a wash, that is. It's available in a range of easy-on-the-eyes colors so you can pick the one that suits your mom best.
Or an organic cotton weighted blanket from Bearaby
Weighted blankets can help promote relaxation and soothe anxiety by treating the body to gentle, comforting pressure, kind of like a calming hug.

This weighted blanket is an especially great present, made with breathable, buttery soft organic cotton in a stylish chunky knit style that'll blend seamlessly into your mom's cozy home decor. It's available in four weight options ranging from 10-25 pounds and in four colors.

For the best results, you should select a weight that’s about 10% of the body weight of the person using the blanket (for example, an 150-pound person should use an approximately 15-pound weighted blanket).
The bestselling Screaming Goat
The screaming goat is an iconic little gift thanks to its hilarious shriek that perfectly sums up the emotions of everyday life. (Reviewers say it's a surprisingly effective stress reliever, too, thanks to the comic relief it provides.) This goofy gift is such a hit, Amazon reviewers have given it over 37,000 5-star ratings.
A High Fidelity turntable and vinyl record player
If you suspect (or hear often) that your mom misses the good times of yesterday, this nostalgic, quality vinyl record player may be a particularly special choice for her.

Reviewers are obsessed with its rich sound quality and impressive value, and it has the ability to spin at both 33 and 45 RPM speeds. It also gives users the option to stream music via wireless Bluetooth connectivity or its outlets.

Coupled with a magnetic cartridge, adjustable counterweight and quality amplifier, this piece balances nostalgia and modern technology at a level far above its budget-friendly price. Reviewers agree: This is the one to get.
A smart digital photo frame to help Mom feel more connected
I think this digital photo frame is one of the coolest things around. It displays an auto-rotating photo slideshow straight from the phones of loved ones, so your mom can experience special moments in near-real time no matter how far away she is.

It's an especially touching gift for moms who wish they were more up-to-date on what's happening in their kids' lives. It's designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, including touchscreen abilities. It's available in multiple frame sizes and colors.
Tuft & Paw
An aesthetic hammock for your mom's favorite child, her cat
If your mom’s cat has replaced you as her preferred child (which…whatever, fine), a gift for the inseparable mom-cat duo will go a long way (and hopefully win you back some favor as her original human child).

This elevated cat hammock is the most aesthetic and the sturdiest we’ve come across, with a steel frame and suction cups that attach to windows so securely that I, a lifelong unimpressed cynic, found myself downright wowed. (And, I now think there might be something to those suctioning shower shelves.) The suction was so strong that I was not worried at all about my cat lounging on it, which had been on my mind before; the hammock is designed to hold up to 30 pounds, and I’m convinced it delivers.

Plus, the hammock’s chic minimalist design makes it look like actual decor instead of just a plastic addition to the window. The hammock's soft yet sturdy felt cradle will also keep mom’s cat cool and comfortable while he or she lounges in the sun the way we all wish we could.
A bestselling hands-free reading and crafting light
Bookworms or knitters will appreciate this popular LED light that provides concentrated light on the page or one's hands (all without bothering a bedmate). It’s designed to be worn around the neck so you can do your thing with unencumbered hands (its arms are bendy and adjustable to get just the right fit). Rechargeable, with three colors and six brightness levels to choose from, this would also make a great gift for campers, DIY enthusiasts and anyone else who needs good, hands-free lighting. It’s available in eight colors.
A cult-favorite Apple AirTag to keep track of precious items
Another HuffPost-favorite gift is the ever-useful and endlessly practical AirTag. Mom can use this to keep track of precious items like her wallet, bag or luggage; to keep tabs on her car (she’ll be able to find it if it’s ever stolen or simply trace her way back to it if she forgets where she parked it) or for added peace of mind for a pet dog or cat. You can even add on a stylish AirTag case for good measure, which you can also attach to a pet collar.

The gadget uses the same FindMy app as the rest of the Apple ecosystem, so if your mom already uses an iPhone, MacBook or iPad, the AirTag will be that much easier and intuitive to incorporate into her life.
A cool Aerogarden Harvest kit
This popular hydroponic grow system helps to grow lush herbs indoors, all year round. It comes with a six-pod herb seed kit to grown basil, mint, thyme, parsley and more, and features a control panel that automatically turns the LED lights on and indicates when it's time to add water or plant food.
A bestselling Kindle Paperwhite with a whopping 16 GB of storage
I invested in a Kindle last year, and it's one of the best purchases I've made. It'd be an excellent gift for any book lover. I love being able to carry it around knowing that it's holding hundreds of my books nearly weightlessly, so I can take it on trips, on errands and up and down the stairs easily. Plus, it has adjustable warm light so you can read late into the night without straining your eyes. The battery life lasts seemingly forever, and it's even waterproof. I was a stickler for physical books until I tried the Kindle — now I'm a total convert. Read more about why I think this Kindle is worth every penny here. It's available in three colors.
A bestselling vegetable chopper with 76,000 5-star ratings
If your mom hates cooking but needs to eat more vegetables, this reviewer-favorite chopper may do the trick. It slices and dices fruits and veggies with a simple open and close of its lid, making it easier and less time-consuming to prepare food. Its design lets you cut food directly into its storage container, too. Besides chopping components, it also includes spiralizer blades, a julienne cutter and a ribbon cutter. Reviewers insist it's worth the hype. Adding to its convenience, it's also dishwasher-safe.
A self-emptying Roomba i3+ robot vacuum
This cult-fave robot vacuum will help make your mom's daily life more manageable by taking vacuuming off her hands. She can just set the vacuum to clean while she's out and return home to a pristine floor, or catch up on literally any other task (even if just having some me-time in front of the TV) while the robo-vacuum does its thing.

This model has even more perks than the original, including the ability to empty itself (!) and a smart mapping feature that allows it to clean more efficiently over time as it learns the contours of the space. It's designed to clean carpets just as well as hard floors, and you can even control it by voice by connecting it to an Alexa- or Google Assistant-enabled device. When its 90-minute runtime is up, it automatically docks itself to recharge.
A pair of comfy L.L. Bean Daybreak Scuff slippers
If your mom could use some more cozy items to encourage chill time, these popular L.L. Bean slippers are a great bet. With anti-slip rubber soles and a high-pile fleece liner, they’re sturdy yet soft and comfy, so Mom can feel cozy whether she's ticking off items on her to-do list or lounging (we hope it's the latter). They're also roomy enough for folks with wider feet or arthritis, according to reviewers.

These slippers are famous for their cute, whimsical designs, which include motifs of cats, dogs, flowers and more. (I'm partial to the llama pattern.) They're available in women's sizes 6-11.
A water-filtering Lifestraw
A Lifestraw will change the game for moms who love hiking and camping (or for those who simply like to be prepared for literally anything). It's designed to remove microplastics, bacteria, parasites and more (including E. coli, salmonella and giardia) from just about any water source. A single filter lasts an impressively long time, providing about 1,000 gallons of clean, safe drinking water.
The Theragun Relief massage gun
Theraguns may well be the cream of the crop of massage guns; I’ve tried several of their models and own the Theragun Relief myself, and it provides muscle-melting relief from my muscle pain and tension. It’s lightweight and easy to grip, so Mom can easily use it by herself, and it pounds out aches and stress with the strength of a giant and surprising gentleness, given its effectiveness.

You can toggle between three intensity settings and three massage head attachments.
A popular, convenient electric lighter
This handy little rechargeable electric lighter is ideal for anyone who loves candles and incense or who otherwise goes through disposable lighters and matches quickly. It's intuitive to use and easy to charge, so it'll serve them well for a long time to come. Plus, it's wind- and splash-proof so it can keep up with indoor or outdoor activities. It comes in multiple colors so you can match it to your mom's personality.
And an extra bright mini flashlight
This powerful, useful little flashlight provides 1,000 lumens of light while only as big as a tube of lip balm. It'll fit easily in your mom's pocket, purse or junk drawer to help with any emergencies like a sudden loss of power, or even if she just needs to walk the dog or take out the trash at night.
Kasa Smart Wi-Fi mini plugs
These handy and surprisingly affordable Kasa smart plugs are a favorite among HuffPost editors. They allow users to turn home electronics on and off from anywhere, so your mom will never have to waste money on their electric bill after forgetting to turn off their fan or lamp again.

An added perk? By being able to turn lights off and on while she's gone, Mom can make it look like someone is home even while she's on vacation or out to dinner. That's just smart.
The ever-popular Rocketbook smart notebook
This bestselling smart notebook allows users to take pen-to-paper notes which they can then send to their email, Google Drive or cloud of their choicel; they can then access those same notes on their phone and computer. Once the notes have been digitized, they can just erase the page with a damp cloth and start over. I'm convinced it's truly wow-worthy. It's available in two sizes and various colors.
Or a "kittens in space" Decomposition notebook
This adorable notebook makes taking notes and writing lists so much more fun and just a little less stressful — just look at these kittens floating around gleefully in outer space, playing with mice and meteors! It's also great quality to boot, with a sturdy front and back and 160 lined pages made entirely of recycled paper. It comes in a bunch of other cool, tongue-in-cheek designs, too, like a jellyfish style and a depiction of deep-sea divers doing stretches underwater.
And some sweet, aesthetic notepads and sticky notes
If your mom loves to get organized with to-do lists, these pretty notepads and sticky notes will make her many papers much cuter — and remind her of you whenever she uses them.

Unicorn Eclipse is a stationery shop owned by two Hmong-American sisters; check out the rest of their Etsy store's offerings here.
A Renpho heated eye mask and massager
The Renpho heated eye massager may be my most prized possession. It is incredibly relaxing — so much so that it often puts me right to sleep. I find it so helpful for my stress and anxiety that I use it almost every night, and I never leave it behind when I travel. It's also the only thing that reliably works to ease my migraines.

It's designed to massage the area around the eyes, temples and brows while heating up to 104 degrees for a treatment that I can only describe as heavenly. It has five different massage settings, Bluetooth capability and the option to play built-in classical music or no sound at all.
Some '90s-style Lisa Frank-inspired animal keychains
These nostalgic Lisa Frank-inspired animal keychains are truly sure to delight. There are dozens of designs to choose from, including adorable puppy pairs, leaping orcas and sweet unicorns.

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