Mother's Day Gifts New Moms Really Want, According To 5 New Moms

For when you want a Mother's Day gift that's not flowers.

What the heck do you gift a new mom celebrating her first Mother’s Day? It’s the one day that honors women embracing #momlife to its fullest, so it’s best to do it up right the first time

Finding the right little something for a first-time mom may be intimidating, especially if you yourself are a sleep-deprived partner surviving off of large iced coffees (hey, no judgment). You can’t go wrong with a bouquet of her favorite blooms, but sometimes you want a Mother’s Day gift that’s more exciting than flowers.

If you have absolutely no idea where to start, don’t fret. For some gifting inspo, we asked five new moms to dish on what they want for their first Mother’s Day.

Take a look below:

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Something that will 'replace' sleep, or at least make you look like that you’ve gotten enough of it.
Most new moms will agree that a big box of sleep wrapped up in a pretty bow would be an ideal present. Extra Zs can’t be gift-wrapped, but products to help you look and feel revived can be. “For a little self-care, the new R&R mask by Summer Fridays would be perfect,” said Katrina Scott,a fitness aficionado and co-creator of Tone It Up.
Something to handle postpartum changes.
Dermstore / Sephora
New mom and high school admissions coordinator Elizabeth Tackett said she would be happy with some new luxurious beauty products to alleviate postpartum skin changes. StriVectin’s Tightening Body Cream nourishes dehydrated skin while also firming and toning. It’s a two-in-one solution that any busy mom can appreciate. Pair it with a bottle of Sunday Riley’s Good Genes and she’s sure to have smooth, glowing skin.
Something to give mom her hands back.
There’s nothing like holding a newborn, but busy moms like Jenna Kutcher know it's necessary to find a way to cuddle baby while working. “I would have to say we love our Solly baby wrap and I'm currently using it as I type," Kutcher said. “Having my hands free has been such a savior and allows me to multitask while our girl is getting that skin-to-skin love!” Made from a continuous strip of jersey cloth, this baby wrap can be knotted, folded and tucked into any position that’s most comfy for you and baby.
Something that strikes a sentimental note.
ABLE / Etsy Limon Bijoux
What better way to treat the new mom in your life than with a personalized gift that’s also sentimental? Chef, blogger, author and new mom Molly Yeh is partial to Elisa Solomon’s jewelry line. “My mom wears a locket every single day with baby pictures of my sister and me inside, so I want my own version of that,” she said. For a more affordable alternative to Solomon’s personalized pieces, we recommend browsing Etsy’s custom Mother’s Day jewelry section, as well as taking a look at ABLE’s Mother’s Day best-sellers.
The makings for the perfect soak in the tub.
Amazon / Primally Pure / Winc
Most new moms will be satisfied with five-minute shower, and a soak in the bath for longer than 10 minutes would be a dream for many. Grant this wish with some indulgent bath products that’ll help a new mom unwind. Virginia resident Lex Daddio loves Primally Pure’s Flower Bath, which blends epsom salts with coconut milk and essential oils. Pair it with a new bathtub caddy tray and some of her favorite rosé, and she’ll unwind in a matter of no time.