Mother's Day 2013 Photo Challenge: See Yourself The Way Your Children See You

PHOTOS: How Your Children See YOU

No one else looks at you the way they do -- with unalloyed adoration. No one else sees you like they do -- as the uncontested center of their world. And there’s no one who watches you more closely -- literally and figuratively -- reacting to your every expression, your every move.

Last fall, we ran a resonant post by Allison Slater Tate called “The Mom Stays In The Picture.” It was both personal (her own resolution to step in front of the lens rather than hiding behind it) and universal (a call to all mothers who shy away because they just don’t feel camera ready).

You responded by sending us thousands of photos, many taken with your children after you read Allison’s piece, all of you vowing to get “in the picture” more, if only because it is a way to capture yourself as part of their childhood. What struck us as we collected them was how beautiful you all were, even as you explained, in notes accompanying the pictures, that your hair was a mess or you hadn’t lost the baby weight.

Women do that. As the latest Dove campaign showed, we look at ourselves through a far more critical lens than the rest of the world. You certainly don’t see yourself as your children do.

For Mother’s Day, we would like you to.

Continuing Allison’s crusade, we have asked parents to send in photos of mothers taken by their children. Hand your child a camera, or an iPhone, and let them show the world how you look through their eyes.

The results won't be professional. And they won’t be perfect. But they will be beautiful.

1. Have your child take a photo of you.
2. Ask them to tell you what they see in the photo.
3. Send the photo to with your child's caption, or press "add a slide" below.

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