Mother’s Day Etiquette: Everything’s Coming Up Rosé

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Looking for a simple Mother’s Day gift that will make special women in your life smile? A combination of small gifts and time together makes a wonderful present. Mother’s Day is perfect for a celebratory picnic. Spending time outside is a relaxing indulgence for mom that you can easily fit in after breakfast-in-bed or before your special dinner date. For those planning the day, here are some hints that are sure to make Mother’s Day memorable.

This year I am creating a Mother’s Day Rose’ theme around the color pink and rose’ wine.

Start by picking out a basket, perhaps one you already have, or purchasing one you can use time and time again. Be sure it’s large enough to tote picnic supplies. Spray paint it pink—or mom’s favorite color. Wrap a pretty scarf around the handle and tie it in a bow.

Fill the basket with love - include items that make her smile and that she will enjoy eating, doing and using. Pamper her with bath salts, a rose scented candle, a floral journal, rose’ champagne, a beautiful box of chocolates, or a book or magazine you know she’ll love to curl up and read with. A new, pink insulated water bottle may be a treat for a fitness buff, while a fantastic corkscrew or bottle opener is a great gift and the perfect picnic accessory that can be used again. Include her favorite dessert in celebration of a picnic in her honor.

The basket is not just about the contents. What matters is taking the time to make the day special. A “Rosé All Day” basket with a combination of hand-selected treats, artfully presented in a pink picnic basket is sure to be a hit. And of course, don’t forget to tuck a note or card into the basket with heartfelt sentiments. You can never say thank you too often when it comes to telling mom how much you appreciate all she’s done for you.

Next, locate a unique spot. Who says a picnic has to be in a park? Where does mom enjoy spending her time? It may be as simple as your own backyard, a local farm or vineyard, or even the beach if you’re near the coast. Nasty weather? Spread a blanket and create a picnic spot inside your living room. After all, it’s about spending time together. You may want to involve some of her best friends and enjoy a group event, with everyone bringing their own baskets of favorite foods and drink.

Make your picnic as simple or elegant as mom would prefer. Fill mom’s basket with essential picnic supplies, including attractive dinnerware, glassware, linen and utensils. Whether you opt for fancy china or durable paper products, do keep in mind little fingers and rocky terrain when chancing your valued heirlooms. Keep the theme going by including decorative items in your color scheme.

Pick up to-go sandwiches and salads, or use your kitchen skills to create her picnic foods. Include a cheese and meat tray with crackers, and an assortment of salads, chicken pecan, caprese and fresh fruit. Don’t forget to tuck an assortment of sweet treats wrapped and ready to eat with fingers. Fill a tub with ice and rosé, as well as drinks for the kids, then add a few rose petals for decoration. Include a bottle or two of strawberry infused water. Remember, it’s all about what your mom would love most.

Ideas for your rose themed gift basket:

  • Rose’ flavored candy
  • Rosé Champagne
  • Themed cocktail napkins
  • Rose oil and a rose scented candle
  • A pretty pink clutch
  • Pink cooking supplies (to remind mom of her kids every time she uses them)
  • A handwritten note

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