14 Mother's Day Presents That Are Better Than Flowers

14 Mother's Day Presents That Are Better Than Flowers

Instead of getting flowers and a hug for your mom this Mother's Day, we thought we could all get a bit more creative this year. To help, we've rounded up some of the HuffPost Women team's favorite Mother's Day gift ideas. Here are our top 14 picks:

1. "Thanks Mom I Turned Out Awesome" mug, $21.95, from Etsy.

2. "Easy Day, Rough Day, Don't Even Ask" wine glass, $15.00, from Etsy.

3. Matching Infinity necklaces, $33.99, from Etsy.

4. "They See Me Rollin'" apron, $40.00, from Etsy.

5. "Though She Be But Little" inspirational quote poster, $26.00, from Etsy.

6. Keurig DeskPro coffee maker, $69.21, from Amazon.

7. "Chocolate Doesn't Ask Silly Questions, Chocolate Understands" canvas tote bag, $9.00, from Etsy.

8. "You Are The Peanut To My Butter" art print $15.00, from Etsy.

9. La Boîte Tower of Spices, $45.00, from Food52.

10. "Flawless" crew neck sweatshirt, $65.00, from The Beyoncé Shop.

11. "You Is Kind" quote from The Help, $9.00, from Etsy.

12. Minnetonka ankle slippers, $79.95, from Minnetonka.

13. Foods Before Dudes print, $15.00, from Food52.

14. "The Importance Of Being Earnest" Kate Spade Kindle cover, $29.97, from Extra Supply.

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