Mother's Day 2013: What Moms Really Want (CHART)

LOOK: What Moms REALLY Want For Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2013 is May 12th. That is this Sunday. Meaning, your time to shop for gifts is running out.

Never fear! What moms want most isn't necessarily a present that comes from a store. According to a survey by Child's Play Communications, their greatest wish -- after DIY gifts from the kids -- is an off-duty day. The mother of all Internet communities, Reddit, backed up this data last week when moms answered: "What do you actually want for Mother's Day?" Popular responses were handwritten cards or letters, uninterrupted showers, naps, silence and, yes -- a day off. And yet, only three percent of the moms Child's Play asked think that's what they're actually going to get.

Julianna W. Miner, of Rants from Mommyland, drives this point home with a dose of humor in chart form.

what moms really want mothers day

Moms, what do you you really want for Mother's Day? Tell us in the comments below, tweet @HuffPostParents with #momwants or on Facebook -- and we'll incorporate your responses into the slideshow below!

Plus, more from Rants From Mommyland: Beyond being funny, Miner is also celebrating Mother's Day 2013 by joining forces with mom-owned card company Naughty Betty. Together, they created hilarious ecards that raise money for moms living in homeless and domestic violence shelters every time they are shared. Read more about the project and get the cards here!

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