Mothers Rave About Health Benefits Of Eating Their Placentas

While the health benefits of eating one's placenta have not been proven, many mothers who have tried the practice swear by its postpartum benefits. Nurse manager Megan King and writer Carla Wiking joined HuffPost Live on Monday and discussed what influenced their decisions to eat their placenta during their second pregnancies. After reading up on the process of placenta encapsulation, consulting their physicians and trying placenta pills, both King and Wiking reported positive effects.

Wiking said her placenta worked "like magic" for the postpartum anxiety that she remembered from her first pregnancy.

"If it was [the] placebo effect, I don't care because I felt so much better," she told HuffPost Live host Nancy Redd. "To me it doesn't matter. If I have another child I will absolutely do it again."

Hear more about Megan King and Carla Wiking's stories in the video above, and watch the full HuffPost Live conversation about the risks and benefits of eating one's placenta here.

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Turning Placentas Into Pills