Mother's Moving Testimony of Her Fight For Paid Family Leave

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As we have Mother's Day upon us, a day where we choose to honor the every day battles that all mothers fight, we see one mother share a very raw and personal testimony of why she fights for what she does...every single day.

"A mother's love for her children, well...there is nothing else like it in this world. It has no boundaries nor limits; it defies all things, and overcomes all that stands in its way. I want my children to look back and say, 'It was because of my Mommy that I never gave up.' " -Regan Long

"My pain and heartache now can mean something..."

"And I know that my 4 children are probably too young to really understand what I'm doing. But I want them, someday, to be able to say, 'It was because of my Mommy that I'm not giving up. That I know I can go after big, scary, impossible dreams because she did.'

I want them to know that I fought for what was right and to always remember and hold tight that ;it was because of my Mommy that i never gave up'."

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