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The Away Suitcase Of Bags Is Available At... Walmart?

Say goodbye to low battery with these budget-friendly bags.

A reliable, well-designed bag is one of life’s greatest joy triggers. For travelers, it holds all of your valuables in easy-to-reach, practically placed pockets and pouches. For commuters, it gets you and your belongings where you need to go, without much thought.

The thing is, you don’t always know a good bag when you have one, but you definitely know when you don’t have one. At the end of a long day of traveling or commuting from one place to another, a well-designed bag can mean the difference between a job well done and a job, well, done. It’s part of the reason Away suitcases are worth it, because there’s a place for everything, and everything fits in its place. No fumbling for keys, no lost transit cards, no tangled cables and no dead devices.

Fortunately, the Away suitcase of backpacks is now here, but it’s from an unexpected company. Motile, the smart accessories brand you’ve probably spotted on Instagram, created an entire line of wireless charging bags, backpacks, wallets and accessories that are only available at, interestingly, Walmart.

Motile is a design-driven smart accessories brand that is laser focused on finding ways to simplify people’s lives. In most of Motile’s products, you’ll see a marriage between form and function, building on the brand’s inspiration from both the tech world and the fashion worlds to better people’s daily lives with thoughtful solutions.

Case in point, Motile’s bags and wallets are able to wirelessly charge your phone on the go. Not even Away’s backpacks can do that, and Away defined mobile charging for folks on-the-go. That means no more dead device halfway through your favorite podcast, in the middle of an off-the-grid hike, or after a long day on the road. They also sell a minimalist assortment of phone accessories, power banks and portable electronics at really low prices.

The best part is Motile’s bags are all under $100, with most options way less than that. If you’re curious, but aren’t sure which bag is right for you, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pieces from Motile’s collection.

Take a look below:

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Motile Vegan Leather Commuter Wallet Phone Case
This wireless charging commuter wallet has slots for six cards, a pocket for cash and checks, and a slot for the power bank to reside. It also includes a detachable wrist strap so it can also be used as a practical clutch for fancier occasions. Get it at Walmart, $35.
Motile Vegan Leather Commuter Laptop Tote
Motile's fashionable commuter tote effortlessly goes from conference room to cocktails. It includes a power bank, as well as an interior storage compartment that can be detached and easily accommodates a 13-inch laptop. Its minimalist design puts style and use front-of-mind. It's also water resistant, so there's no fear of your phone getting wet while charging. Get it at Walmart, $99.
Motile Vegan Leather Commuter Laptop Backpack
Featuring a power bank, padded storage compartment for a 15-inch laptop and waterproof construction, the Vegan Leather Commuter Laptop Backpack is ideal for daily use. It also has exterior zip pockets perfect for quick access to keys and cards, and has slots for smaller items like pens, cards and memory cards. It also has a luggage strap that slides over carry-on handles, making it the perfect airport partner. Get it at Walmart, $99.
Motile Neoprene Sport Laptop Duffel and Sport Laptop Backpack
Both Motile's Neoprene Sport Laptop Duffel and Sport Laptop Backpack include a power bank and water-resistant design. They both have utility pockets in a variety of sizes, and their lightweight design makes them good travel companions. Get them at Walmart -- the duffel for $80 and the backpack for $70.