Motion Controlled Pornography: GameLink's Interactive Videos Could Be The Future Of Self Love

Motion Controlled Porn Is (Almost) Here!

Porn is about to get a lot more hands-on.

The technology for interactive, motion-controlled adult videos is staring us in the face. We need only reach out and touch it.

GameLink, a porn site and on-demand adult video company, is holding a contest to see who can best integrate its video catalog with a motion control device similar to the Kinect technology on an Xbox 360.

Leap Motion will be able to "sense the user's hand and finger movements for direct 3D interaction with the screen," according to GameLink's press release.

But how is this technology going to lead the porn industry to its climax?

"Nobody wants to use their keyboard or mouse anymore -- why not just a flick of the hand," Jeff Dillon, a vice president at GameLink, told HuffPost Weird News.

"Porn is eventually going the way of Minority Report ... or a hologram thing like Tupac at Coachella."

Until then, Dillon needs proposals. So far he's had some good ideas, like a Fleshlight -- a sex toy -- that syncs up with the video playing in front of you. He said that motion-control technology has come a long way, and that complete sex simulations are only a wham-bam-thank-ya-ma'am away.

The winner of the contest, which begins on Jan. 15, will get a development contract with GameLink.

All proposals can be emailed to Jeff Dillon at

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