Weight Loss Tips: Change Your Point of View to 'I MUST'

"I might" or "I can" change my strategies does not give you the urgency that is necessary to achieve the goals that you would like to see happen.
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"How could I have it let get to this point?

"This can not happen to me!"

Both of these statements are ones that I have recently heard. And both of those statements were emotionally driven.

One statement was driven by weight gain through changes in lifestyle that happened years ago. And a slight weight gain because of a living situation change drove the other statement.

Both came to the realization that their current actions must change. More energy, instant gravitation toward happiness or subduing the emotions that you just can't deal with are the three scenarios/issues that need to be addressed. And many times, these scenarios will be (subconsciously) dealt with using food. Weeks, months, even years go by with this behavior and the pounds keep creeping up.

The realization of what these actions have done to the body once you're in the 40s, 50s or perhaps 60s is emotionally upsetting.

If you are reading this, you might be having an "aha" moment, meaning that you have been in this situation before or that you find yourself currently in this situation. Accept that weight gain will happen. Accept that this has happened in the past, but now is the time that you will change.

Change your believe system to "I MUST."

We all have different belief systems. We believe in things that we have been trained to do. If you believe that you can't function with less then eight hours sleep, than this will be true. If you don't challenge your belief system, you won't find yourself moving forward. Unless you try to reduce your sleeping time, for example, you will not know if this is true.

Change will not happen unless you have experienced enough pain with a current action that you have done over time. "I might" or "I can" change my strategies does not give you the urgency that is necessary to achieve the goals that you would like to see happen.

"I must" is the solution to change. So you need to change your point of view:

I must eat foods that support my goals ...
I must start to be active ...
I must not react to my emotions ...
I must stop abusing myself ...

This change in perspective is just one part. After the "..." add on the result(s) that will occur if you DON'T make this change, and how it will affect you.

These statements will be painful statements: What will happen if you don't implement the changes that you need to do?

However, if you don't articulate such emotionally painful statements, you will not change your current behavior and see the changes (and the results) that you are looking to accomplish.

Stefan Aschan
Your Weight Loss Coach

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