Motorcycle Crash Caught On GoPro Camera In Los Angeles

A California motorcyclist was knocked off the road by another rider -- and the scary incident was recorded by his GoPro camera.

Sherwin Ramos was riding on the Los Angeles Crest Highway on Sunday when the other rider, who was driving on the wrong side of the road, came right at him. The two didn't collide, but Ramos swerved to avoid the wrong-way driver and went flying off the road.

"It felt like a bad body slam," Ramos told ABC-7 in Los Angeles. "I just instantly was out."

Ramos is seen in the ABC video walking with a crutch and with a cast on his foot for an ankle injury. He also injured his knee.

The other biker didn't stop, and Ramos' friends are looking for him. Anyone with information is asked to call California Highway Patrol Altadena station at (626) 296-8100.



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