Motorcyclist's Horrifying Brush With Death Caught On Video

Somehow, he walked away in one piece.

A frightening traffic collision was caught on video in Plano, Texas, by a motorcyclist who had no time to react and filmed himself riding straight into the wreck. 

No one was seriously injured in the Saturday incident, including motorcyclist Malik Elizee, who was recording his ride with a GoPro camera.

Elizee said a car ran a red light. His footage shows the vehicle slamming into an SUV, which turns over on its side and hits another vehicle:

“No one left in an ambulance, myself included,” Elizee wrote on YouTube. “I was wearing most of my gear (was only going up the road so only had on regular jeans and boots), gloves and jacket saved me what would’ve been some serious sliding damage.”

Amazingly, even the motorcycle was largely OK. The frame sliders were destroyed, but they served their purpose and saved most of the bike. 

“Other than some broken plastic and mirror, the damage isn’t too serious,” he wrote. “Still can start up and ride, I actually rode it home.” 

He told WFAA-TV, the Dallas ABC station, that it’s the third time he’s been hit in two years of riding. 

He called the latest incident a “reality check” but added that he’s not ready to hang up his helmet.