Motorcycle Ninja Somehow Lands On His Feet After Being Hit By Car

Motorcycle Ninja Hit By Car, Lands On His Feet

A motorcyclist in San Francisco is lucky to be alive after being hit by a car. The impact sent him flying through the air, yet somehow, he landed standing up -- and the entire incident was caught by his helmet camera.

He even managed to keep a sense of humor about it, posting a video on YouTube with the title, "The death of my D675 and birth of my Ninja skills: Idiot cager blows red light."

The D675 refers to his motorcycle, described as a "heavily customized 2011 Daytona 675." A cager is a (not always polite) term used by bikers for someone in a car.

The video, posted under the name Legitimate Business Man, shows the motorcyclist waiting at a light. Once it turns green, he waits a moment and then drives through the intersection. That's when he's struck by a car as it runs through a red light.

KPIX 5, the local CBS station, identified the motorcyclist as Taylor Smith.

“He was slamming on his brakes, so it launched me forward; somehow I landed on my feet," Smith told the station. "Actually pretty happy because that probably reduced any further damage that could have happened to my body.”

Posting on reddit under the name King-JaffeJoffer, Smith said he doesn't think he was badly injured but indicated he is still being checked out.

"Just stiffness, bruising, and the occasional sharp pain," he wrote. "Doesn't feel like anything is broken or torn but I'll leave that up to the experts to decide. I wouldn't be surprised if I walked away from this with a couple of bruises and that's it though."

He also posted a reminder to pedestrians to look before crossing even if they have a walk signal.

"A couple of people began crossing the street and would have been taken out if I wasn't in the way of this driver," he wrote. "Let's call it taking one for the team."

Some users on reddit called the video a fake. In response, he posted a gallery on Imgur showing the damage to his bike. Or, as he put it in a reddit post, "pictures of my girl in her final moments of life."

The gallery has since been removed.

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