Motorist Practices Meditation On His Bike, Reminds Us That Peace Can Happen Anywhere

Traffic can induce stress and frustration in even the most peaceful people.

But there's a way to be mindful even on the road. Photographer Wally Santana captured what appears to be just such an example in the midst of a thousands-strong crowd of motorists stopped at a traffic light in Taipei, Taiwan.

While most of the other motorists look idly around, one man has his hands raised and his eyes with a meditative gaze.

wally santana

It's not clear what form of meditation the fellow was practicing but the beads around his wrist may be an indication of the Buddhist tradition.

The moment offers proof that meditation really can take place anywhere, in almost any circumstance. In the wise words of Buddhist meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg:

"Meditation is the ultimate mobile device; you can use it anywhere anytime unobtrusively."

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