Driver Chases Spider Inside Car, Causes Horrific Crash

Luckily, only minor injuries were suffered in the smash in Derbyshire, England.

A driver who became distracted while trying to catch a spider inside their car ended up plowing into another vehicle in England on Sunday.

Incredibly, only minor injuries were suffered in the smash on the A50 road in Derbyshire. Police shared a photograph of the aftermath on Twitter:

“No doubt some of you got caught up in the tailbacks from this collision,” the police service wrote. “Silver car driver trying to catch a spider whilst driving collides with red car in layby.”

The unnamed driver of the silver car was “reported for driving without due care and attention,” police added.

In 2015, a woman from Indiana reportedly caused a crash with a passing school bus after she spotted an arachnid inside her vehicle and leapt from the moving car. The following year, another motorist rolled her car in Portland, Oregon, after a spider unexpectedly dropped into her lap.