Motorola Atrix: Half Smartphone, Half PC From CES 2011

Motorola Atrix: Half Smartphone, Half PC From CES 2011

The Motorola Atrix aims to be more than just another fancy smartphone. It's a laptop too.

While we've seen combination tablet/laptops before, the Atrix is one of the first smartphone/PCs, largely made possible by NVIDA's dual-core Tegra 2 chip, which lives inside.

PC magazine calls it "an entirely new approach to computing."

The key to the Atrix's abilities lies in it's ability to run two operating systems, Google's Android 2.2 and a customized version of Linux. When plugged into a dock the Atrix can virtually become a desktop PC (attached to a monitor). Motorola is also releasing a Laptop Dock, which the phone plugs into, that's almost as thin as a MacBook Air, according to PC Magazine.

Now for the specs. The Atrix makes such a good computer because it's almost built like one. With 802.11n wireless networking, HSPA+ 4G capabilities, 1GB ram, 16GB of storage space and a MicroSD slot, it virtually is a computer in your pocket.

Perhaps most enticingly, Firefox (one of the Linux system's three apps) supports Flash and other plug-ins. According to Motorola's press release, while in laptop or PC mode Android applications can also be run in a separate window.

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