Motorola Droid X Features Revealed In Ad (VIDEO)

Motorola Droid X Features Revealed In Ad (VIDEO)

Rumor has it that the "next generation of droid"-- the Motorola Droid X and Droid 2 -- will be unveiled by Motorola and Verizon on June 23.

At first glance, a Droid X commercial posted by Droid Life seems to reveal little about the new Droid smartphone: there are no pictures of the phone and no detailed specs highlighted.

But as Droid Life notes, a closer look unveils far more about some of the Droid X features we can expect to see, as well as the Droid X's release date.

The Droid X's specs are flashed in the reflection of the eye throughout the ad. A few features hinted at in the clip: a 4.3-inch WVGA screen (roomier than the iPhone 4's display), HDMI output, and an 8MP camera. Engadget already noted many of these features in its hands on probe of a leaked Droid X.

It seems Verizon could release the new Droid smartphone this coming July: At the very end of the advertisement, the date "07.2010" flashes.

The words DROID Landing also appear briefly. This is actually a Twitter account for the next generation of Verizon Droids (@DroidLanding).


Click here for photos of the Droid X. Click here for a video of the Droid 2 in action.

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