Motorola Droid X: PICTURES, VIDEO Of The New 'Superphone'

Engadget has gotten its hands on the new Droid X, Motorola's "next generation of Droid," and posted detailed photos and video of the forthcoming "superphone."

There are rumors the Droid X may be unveiled June 23--just a day before the iPhone officially goes on sale--and although there's no word yet on the phone's price, Engadget has posted a thorough rundown of its specs.

The Droid X's screen (4.4-inches, 854 x 480-resolution) is larger than that of the Evo 4G and previous Motorola Droid.

Like its predecessor, the Droid X runs on the Android OS (although using the slightly newer version 2.1). The phone also boasts an 8-megapixel camera (previous Droid was 5 MP), 720p video recording, a 1GHz processor (faster than had been expected), and a multitouch keyboard.

Engadget calls the Droid X "snappy," "super fast and responsive," and a device that "makes the Droid Incredible look like a bench warmer." Torn between a new droid and a new iPhone? VentureBeat has done a "Droid X vs. iPhone 4" side-by-side comparison that's worth a look.

Check out photos and a video of the Droid X below. See Engadget for more.