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This Is The Place To Be If You're Sick Of Everything

The holidays are rapidly approaching, so we're offering you a bit of an escape route. If a few minutes (or days) of solitude is what you're looking for, head off to your own private island getaway on Motu Teta in Rangiroa, French Polynesia.

The Rangiroa atoll, the second largest in the world, consists of about 415 islands and sandbars, Motu Teta being one of them.

motu teta

The all-inclusive 9-acre private island resort is really far removed from basically everything. Guests fly into Papeete, Tahiti, then take an inter-island flight to Rangiroa and then a 1.5-hour boat ride to the island--exclusivity ain't easy, after all.

motu teta

Guests will have a private chef and 24-hour staff, excursions like shark lassoing (whatever that is) and a Coconut Crab hunt (because, natch). Oh, and there's limited cell service, so you're really, really disconnected.

The island holds 6 adults--or 10 people, including children starting at 530 Euros a night per person... not bad. Here's the place. Yup.
motu teta

It's over 6,200 miles from New York. Here it is on a map.
motu teta

This could be you. Just sayin'.
motu teta

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