Spectator Jumps On Injured Rider's Bike At Mountain Bike World Cup, Wrecks Violently (GRAPHIC VIDEO)


A spectator who attempted to help an injured mountain biker instead injured himself, after taking a brutal fall at the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Cairns, Australia.

The unnamed spectator had offered to take pro rider Adam Brayton's bike down to the bottom of the course after Brayton suffered a severe leg injury and had to be taken to the hospital, Brayton said in an email to PinkBike. Minutes later, after a violent wreck in a section of the course known as the "whoops," the spectator, who'd been riding without a helmet, ended up in the same ambulance as Brayton.

"The guy who took my bike down was a good man, no idea why he hit the whoops..." Brayton said. "I think he's ok though he was in my ambulance on a spine board and was pretty [knocked out] but that's all I know..."

While the cause of the wreck is unclear, astute Redditors have pointed out that the levers which control a bike's front and rear brakes vary from country to country, which could have been a contributing factor. U.S. riders mount the rear break lever on the right, while Australians mount theirs on the left.

The Cairns Post has verified the rider featured in this video was a spectator, but has no update on his condition.

Watch the devastating wreck, above.

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