Would You Use A Soda Bottle Cap Tool To Fix Your Skateboard?

Well, doesn't this top it all? Here's a Mountain Dew bottle cap that doubles as a tool to fix skateboards.

The gizmo gets its closeup in a video by Colombian agency Sancho BBDO. The clip shows a boy slamming his board out of frustration, causing a wheel to fly loose. He then uses the wrench-like indentation in the cap to re-attach the wheel.

Here's what Mountain Dew had to say about the concept:

"The Mountain Dew Bottle Tool is an awesome, innovative idea and it’s one of the many things we’re exploring for fans," Mountain Dew said in a statement emailed to The Huffington Post. "If they can dream it, we can Dew it."

But not everyone seemed as excited about the idea. One guy threw a wrench into the entire concept in a comment on Creativity Online:

3 THINGS: 1) Never in the history of skateboarding has a wheel fallen off of a skateboard while skating (or throwing a board, for that matter). It just doesn't happen. 2) Most skateboard wheels are recessed, and/or they have metal sticking out the end of the truck so this wrench won't be able to tighten the bolt, which means the tool won't work. 3) The wrench will only work in one direction, or the cap will come off when using the "tool", which means you either won't be able to take the wheel off, or put it back on. I admire the attempt, but nice try. This bottle tool has less than zero to do with skateboarding.

Others thought it was cool, with one fan calling it "simple and brilliant."

So, would you use it? Vote in the poll below!