Mouse In Mountain Dew Would Turn Into 'Jelly Like' Goo, Pepsi Says (VIDEO)

Pepsi: A Mouse In Mountain Dew Turns Into 'Jelly-Like' Goo

Mountain Dew drinkers know their distinctively yellow beverage of choice is packed with caffeine, but a new lawsuit might get them thinking about what else is in there.

PepsiCo, the drink's manufacturer, is being sued by Ronald Ball of Illinois, who claims in a 2009 lawsuit that he opened a can from a vending machine, tasted something foul, and spat out a dead mouse, acccording to

Ball, who is seeking damages in excess of $50,000, claims he then sent the mouse to Pepsi, which destroyed the mouse's body.

However, Pepsi is now moving to dismiss the case, citing testimony from an expert who claims that acid used when the drink is bottled would have caused the rodent to transform into a "'jelly-like' substance," according to

Mountain Dew's mouse-dissolving capabilities may also be helped by another ingredient in the bubbly beverage: brominated vegetable oil (BVO), a chemical that Gizmodo points out is banned in Europe and Japan, but is allowed in limited quantities in sodas like Mountain Dew, Squirt and Fanta Orange.

BVO is added to soda for the purpose of giving it more consistent flavoring.

CORRECTION:This version corrects a previous one that said Mr. Ball was a resident of Wisconsin."

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