This Map Shows Which States Are Utterly Obsessed With Mountain Dew

America's heartland is keeping Mountain Dew alive, even if the coasts ignore it.

Mainly on the strength of a die-hard fan base in the Midwest and South, Mountain Dew is the third-most-popular "liquid refreshment brand" in the country, behind only Coke and Pepsi, according to Beverage Digest, an industry trade publication.

Soda sales around the country are plunging, in part because Americans want healthier, natural food. But Mountain Dew's share of the $125 billion non-alcoholic U.S. beverage market actually grew last year, Beverage Digest found. This happened despite the soda's high caffeine and sugar content and a green color not often found in nature.

Just 20 percent of Mountain Dew drinkers are responsible for nearly 70 percent of its volume, according to Mountain Dew parent company Pepsi. And they tend to skew young and male and live away from the coasts.