Mountains, Sea, Books, Dogs, Tea, and other Bounties

You don’t only love people. Life is filled with varied pulsations. There are many natures of love. This is the bounty of a Cosmic Provider. He gave a large playing field of delights, from which to pick out, according to inclination and taste. People love - so many things.

There is sea, sand, hills, books, music, art … There is tea, coffee, (and lager), cats, dogs, flowers, trees – and singing and dancing in the rain.

Some love city life and its neon energy, others country, with its deep quiet vitality. If country is deep breathing then city is a constant workout producing sweat on the soul and brow. Both are valid choices, in alignment with personality. There is engaging diversity in outer landscapes as much as in the inner landscapes of human nature. And that is to perfection, and as it should be. It would be a dull enterprise if everyone were the same and loved the same things.

I love tea, you love coffee. I love sweet pea, you love dahlia. I love dogs you love cats. The wonder is that we have this incredible bounty of both the dahlia and sweet pea, dogs and cats and tea and coffee.

The list does not end there. There are meadows, lakes, fishing, hiking, travelling, poetry, birds, swimming, running, yoga, football, board games, perfumes, fruit, chocolates, exotica in landscapes and cuisines, books and ideas, and – breathing. When you think of the innumerable things of life that are pleasing, beautiful, uplifting, fascinating, exciting, marvellous, you wonder - how can anybody on this planet, not be happy?

They say, life comes in the way. True. Yet, if we accept that the reverse side of the coin – the pain, agony, loss, is also a composite part of the picture – the big painting of our lives - then it is easier to see and appreciate the larger design. What adds aesthetic value to a beautiful painting is the varying shades and colours. It is all to a plan – joy and sorrow, comfort and discomfort, gain and loss. Everybody experiences, to some degree, all of the above. Nobody but nobody is exempt from pain and loss. The reality is that this world of ours is mounted on duality and for everything there is the opposite. That is the main catch of every pleasure – its reverse side is pain.

So, why is it that speaking broadly, some sail through life with ostensibly less angst than others? The secret is, they attach importance to the day to day simple bounties of life. They see all the moments of life, which are free from overpowering sorrow or misery, as moments of happiness. All of us have plenty of happiness around us every day, but we don’t notice it. When something disrupts the even tenor, then we are very quick to slip into states of unhappiness and bemoan the situation. However, just prior to that, when things were cruising evenly, did one acknowledge that grace? No. The biggest mistake is to think that happiness is a constant high frequency state of spectacular excitement or extreme joy. Happiness is a subtle landscape, a well-being, which is effortless. It is a state of contentment in the absence of overpowering pain or misery. However, most of the time, this grace is not cognised, due to not ‘living’ in the present moment. Dwelling on the past or worrying about the future is how the precious ‘present’ is perniciously squandered away. What a waste!

Look around. There are a thousand bounties floating around in your life. These have nothing to do with your job, business, money, success, relationships, or lifestyle. But, these have everything to do with appreciating life and living it, richly, with mind body and soul.

The more you appreciate these bounties of life, the more richer and happier your day-to-day life will feel. (And, remember, the largest part of our lives is comprised of day-to-day days!)

So, however busy you are in life, do take the time to smell the roses.

Try it. And begin now …


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