Man Hangs On To Helicopter Carrying Dead Man To Funeral

He finally gets dropped off at nearby air strip.

This was no Hollywood stunt. A man grabbed the landing skid of a helicopter at a public mourning ceremony in Bungoma, Kenya, Friday and hung on for dear life as the chopper climbed into the sky, the Independent reported.

But as video shows, even when the aircraft dropped to an altitude where the man could let go and land on his feet, he kept hanging on as the copter ascended.

The man, identified as Saleh Wanjala, eventually jumped off at a local airstrip, Newsweek reported. Wanjala was hospitalized with injuries to his hip and elbow, and was to be charged with endangering his life and that of the pilot.

The helicopter was carrying the body of Kenyan businessman and anti-government activist Jacob Juma, who was shot dead by unidentified gunmen, Nairobi News wrote. Wanjala told Nairobi News he was trying to get a better look at the helicopter's interior when his leg got caught on one of the landing skids. He said he had no choice but to hang on when the helicopter suddenly lifted off.

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