Mourning in America

Don't be lulled into the normalization of Trump which the Media is now pushing. This is the same Media which created him in the first place and turned National Politics into a TV Reality show.

They tell us Republicans and Trump supporters are just people like us. No, they are not! They say we should be able to find common ground together. No, we can't. This is the same party which never accepted Obama's victory and the will of the people. They questioned the legitimacy of his victory and his very birth. They thwarted and obstructed very effort he made towards reconciliation and blocked his initiatives each step of the way. They defiled the Constitution by denying him the right to nominate a Supreme Court Justice and have that nomination voted upon.

Those who say it is a time for reconciliation and civility must understand that these concepts are alien to the Republicans and their fascist leader. They are brutish, amoral, and uncompromising. You cannot have civil discourse and work collectively with others when they do not share those values. It is clear what Trump represents. The same holds for the party which embraced him.

Democrats need to go deep inside themselves to better understand what distinguishes them from the other party. They need to reject racism. in all its manifestations. They need to generate a real vision for a more equitable and just America, and fight like hell to make that vision real.

This is not a time for "healing" and coming together with the GOP-- a kumbya moment in our history, It is a time to dig in and fight for what we believe by any and all means possible.

I never thought I'd see this happen in my lifetime-- the passing of our Democracy. You can tell me not to be so grim and give in so easily to despair. But spare me a cheerier view of things. Don't tell me, "This too will pass. It's only a phase." Don't ask me to have a stiff upper lip or manage a smile.The sun will come out tomorrow."

This election will not just "go away." It constitutes a watershed moment in the history of our country. No tears. No smiles. It's time to take the bull by the tail and look the situation squarely in the face. Stand up and be counted. Fight the bastards each step of the way.

May I suggest that it begin with thousands of counter inauguration day ceremonies in protest across the county. ...Fuck yes!

Larry ...At 82, Always hopeful but also mindful of reality and the need to engage it head-on.