As the Nation Continues to Mourn Trayvon Martin: Understanding Racism in America With Tim Wise

Upon hearing the verdict of not guilty, my spirit sank and stomach became sickened. That was my personal initial experience at the end of the George Zimmerman trial. As a nation in the days post-verdict we have witnessed an outcry for justice not only for Trayvon Martin and his family but a nation that has too long remained in denial avoiding the acceptance of its truth. America is a racist nation and white privilege continues to exist.

Acclaimed anti-racist author and educator Tim Wise states that until we (America) deal with the larger problem of what we have internalized, this subconscious bias, this fear of black people especially black men and the media's part in the problem, we cannot go forward.

In this hour-long video interview Tim discusses the fact that though many proclaim "I AM Trayvon Martin" more are, in truth, like George Zimmerman. He discusses the psychological and physiological effects of racism and the cruelness of those who voice racism has ended. He addresses those whites who feel the need to say, "Why do black people have to make this about race"? To understand that this type of subconscious racism is as, if not more, dangerous than overt racism is vital to our overcoming and unifying.

The author of six books on the subject of race in America, Tim Wise is eloquent and direct. His effectiveness of making the cloud of insanity clear surrounding America's history and current race issues is seamless. White Like Me, a film project by the author and Media Education Foundation, due out August/September 2013 is an educational tool that concisely addresses the truth and history of racism in our nation and the realities of its continuation.

Tim Wise on Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, Race in America - Part II