Mouse Stares At Homeowner Through Hole In The Wall After Seeing His Friend In Trap (PHOTO)

Having a mouse in the house is no fun at all. And setting those traps and waiting to catch them is just as unpleasant. But one Reddit user experienced by far the most creepy mouse encounter ever.

When user smeadman07 heard the trap get triggered one night, he jumped out of bed to find not only a dead rodent, but also another furry critter glaring at him through a hole in the wall.

Photo by smeadman07

We've decided that there's one of two things that could be going on here. Either the bystander wanted the human to know he has his (beady) eye on him for killing his BFF. Or, we have a classic case of an evil mouse on our hands -- perhaps he knew the trap was out there and let his "friend" go first?

Either way, this photo is definitely going down in the books as one of the most unusual pest pics we've ever seen. Head over to Reddit to see what other users had to say. And if you've got a mouse problem, click through our slideshow to learn some unique ways to get rid of them. Hat tip to HappyPlace.

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