Move On To Greatness

I've been trying desperately over the past few months to identify and deal with the feelings of being abandoned and rejected by my husband of 22 years. I went through the normal wave of complete sadness, loneliness, anger and hurt, any and all of which could come sweeping over me at any given time. I moved into grieving for a relationship that I thought was pretty good, with its normal ups and downs, wondering what went wrong and why I didn't see it coming. I place blame and wept bitterly for the injustice of all it entails, a family being torn apart with kids taking sides.
But lately the main emotion I have is pity. I feel so sorry for the man who walked away from a marriage just because he couldn't deal with the major depression I experience. I feel sorry for him not being able to stick it out until I got the help I needed and the proper medication that has silenced my demons.
So to all of you women who have ever been rejected because you were going through a tough moment, this is for you.
You are enough. Even though you may not feel like you can take another step or breathe another breath, remember you have everything you need to get through it at this point and time. Pull your strength from within and keep moving forward. Even if you aren't a spiritual person, know that the power you possess is all that you need. Dig deep. Summon it. Wait patiently and allow it to show you the courage that you need.
You are brave, resilient, powerful and a beautiful creation. You have done amazing things in the past and you will do amazing things in the future. Remember that whatever you are going through is only a small window of your life. You will move through this window, learn the lesson it is teaching and you will take this knowledge and let it grow you. I think when we go through something we view as a crisis we swirl around in the cesspool and can easily forget how small of a blip it actually is in the grand scheme of things. Jump in with both feet and swim through it to the other side. Let yourself feel every emotion possible, but give yourself the permission you need to move on. Don't think for a minute that you must stay put and wait for the waters to subside. You have the power to turn the tide yourself.
You are YOU. Don't allow a circumstance, or a person, to take away your identity. You know yourself the best. You know what you need, what you don't need. You can choose which way the wind will blow in your life, and you can make that happen. Draw on every piece of prior knowledge you have and never ever allow people to make decisions that you can make yourself. Pull yourself up, make a choice to keep going and push through the darkness like the sun you are.
Only you can make the decision to allow someone to rob you of your greatness.