Move Over Siri: Cubic Robotics Releasing New Artificial Intelligence Assistant With Personality

Introducing Cubic: the new personal assistant for everything in your life.

We're all familiar with the likes of Siri, GoogleNow, Cortana, and, most recently, Amazon Echo. These supposedly intelligent software apps can lead us to the nearest coffee shop, remind us of upcoming meetings, and even give us a good laugh when we foolishly ask what 0 is divided by 0.

Despite tickling our funny bone, these frequently-named digital assistants can only go so far in advancing our lives. After all, they are confined to apps and microphones, so how much help can they really be?

Still, we wait for the day when AI assistants like J.A.R.V.I.S. from Iron Man or HAL 9000 from A Space Odyssey are involved in our lives.

Unbeknownst to many of us, that day is coming soon.

Cubic Robotics--a technology company based out of Palo Alto, California--has been hard at work for years to create Cubic: an artificially intelligent personal assistant that can connect to all of the tech in our lives.

Cubic is the new frontier of digital assistants. It isn't restricted to only our smartphones. Two hardware platforms--the "home cube" and the "power badge"--allows you to have your personal assistant both at home and on the go. And it isn't just a software app that spits out canned answers to trivia questions or offers directions. Cubic can connect with and operate all the devices, apps and services in your life: your car, your smartphone, your smartwatch (and the list will continue to grow, maybe someday being your smart-bathtub).

The portable power badge, left, and the home cube, right.

Wirelessly controlled electrical switch sockets allow you to connect with dozens of other home devices: lamps, fans, temperature thermostats--the lineup is limitless. Cubic can remember your patterns and connect faraway. Forget to turn off the lights in your house when you left for work this morning? Cubic will turn them off remotely. Want the temperature to be automatically lowered each night before you turn in for bed? Cubic will learn your needs and take care of them.

Cubic is for real: check out this live demo.

Cubic isn't simply a machine listening to your commands, though. Cubic's intelligence core makes it a friend. Like a human, Cubic becomes familiar with your interests and personality the more time you spend with it; the cloud-based mind is always updating. If you continue to make Game of Thrones references, Cubic will keep track of the next episode and update you on the date, or offer Game of Thrones jokes. The patented multi-topic conversation system also gives Cubic long-term memory for a more natural speech. "Turn off the lights in the living room." You tell Cubic. Later, you can command "And the ones in the bedroom." Cubic will recognize "the ones" are lights.

The adaptive intelligence core allows Cubic to tailor to your personality.

And Cubic is a very helpful friend, too: it can integrate with online services to order your favorite takeout, or call you a taxi; any of the wearable tech you may have--Jawbone, Fitbit, Misbit--Cubic can connect to, keeping track of such details as how many calories you burned in the day; even all of your social networking sites are Cubic-friendly, as Cubic will tweet a funny joke you made, or email a pal.

Cubic is set for a public release in early January or February of 2016. Currently, initial investors on IndieGoGo are snagging some of the first Cubics to be released (you can also be the first to take part in this revolutionary AI assistant).

Siri, GoogleNow, Cortana, AmazonEcho: time to move over. The future has arrived. And its name is Cubic.

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