15 Reasons We Should All Move To New Zealand If Donald Trump Becomes President

This place is truly magical.

If there was ever a time to move to New Zealand, then November might be it. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently joked about moving to the island nation if Donald Trump is elected president. We have to say ― that’s not a bad idea.

New Zealand is a playground of national parks, coastal towns, epic forests and pristine beaches that date back thousands ― if not millions ― of years. Whether you’re looking to escape the prospect of a Trump presidency or simply get away from your desk, we’d recommend a visit anytime. Here’s why.

The beaches are out-of-control gorgeous.
Ruth Lawton Photography via Getty Images
With more than 9,000 miles of coastline and loads of islands, New Zealand is a wonderland of water sports and sun-soaking.
...but don't forget the mountains, too.
Matteo Colombo via Getty Images
Whether it's here at Mount Roy or on one of New Zealand's other magical peaks, you'll discover volcanos, crater lakes and lava flows during the average trek.
It has one of the cheapest cities for living abroad.
Matteo Colombo via Getty Images
Wellington was named one of the most affordable cities for expats in the annual Cost of Living report from Mercer, a human resources consulting firm.
Locals are incredibly friendly.
M. Gebicki via Getty Images
Ask anyone who's visited New Zealand recently, and they'll let you in on a secret: Kiwis might just be the kindest people on the planet.
It's a hobbit's paradise.
Anna Gorin via Getty Images
Visit the real set of "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" movies at Hobbiton, and then tour more majestic filming locations along the coast.
THIS is a national park.
ML Harris via Getty Images
Only in New Zealand will you find more than 11,000 square miles of national parks that span glaciers, volcanoes and yes, even white-sand beaches.
Two words: meat pie.
Cultura RM Exclusive/BRETT STEVENS via Getty Images
What may sound like a questionable snack is actually an obscenely delicious dish that's easy to eat on the go.
There are six times more sheep than people.
Michele Westmorland via Getty Images
That was according to the 2014 count, anyway. D'aww, what adorable new neighbors!
Sandboarding will be your new workout of choice.
Matthew Micah Wright via Getty Images
Have you ever surfed down sand dunes into the sea? (Hint: It totally beats going to the gym.)
The coffee is out of this world.
Michael Mcgimpsey / EyeEm via Getty Images
Charming hole-in-the-wall coffee shops are a dime a dozen in this culture full of coffee connoisseurs. Try a flat white, and you'll never go back.
There's a cave full of glow worms, and you can go inside it.
Shaun Jeffers
What's more otherworldly than that?!
Ninety Mile Beach.
Amos Chapple via Getty Images
Okay, so it's not actually 90 miles long. But it's pretty darn close, and perfect for rugged off-road driving.
It's the ideal country for camping trips.
Grant Dixon via Getty Images
Whether it's in the forest or on a fjord, New Zealand is the perfect place to pitch a tent, and driving is the best way to see your surroundings. Pack up the camper van!
Rugby will become your new favorite sport.
David Wall Photo via Getty Images
Kiwis take their rugby seriously, and many would say it's more fun to watch than American football.
Everything is pretty much like another planet.
Auscape via Getty Images
New Zealand is one big, prehistoric fairy tale, with ancient natural wonders at every turn. Most scientists estimate this tree in Waipoua Forest is at least 2,000 years old. In a country with this rich a history, there's plenty to love.
New Zealand's Glow Worm Caves