Move Your Money: Tell Us About Your Local Bank

As national banks soak up bailout dollars, cut lending, and exploit overdraft fees, a number of Americans have decided to move their money to local banks.

While Wells Fargo and Citigroup have made headlines recently for repaying the massive debts they owed to the American taxpayer, people are still frustrated about subsidizing the gambling habits of mega-banks. Yesterday's post "Move Your Money" generated a lot of comments from readers who want to ditch their accounts with the Too Big to Fail crew.

Below is a list of the four mega-banks that took the most government bailout money:

1. Bank of America ($45 billion)

2. Citigroup ($45 billion)

3. Wells Fargo ($25 billion)

4. JP Morgan Chase ($25 billion)

(Source: ProPublica)

According to Treasury's most recent report on the bailout, our massive subsidy of the behemoth banks didn't pay off especially well. Large financial institutions made record profits last year. Neighborhood banks, on the other hand, were forced to sharply increase their rates of consumer loans to fill demand. For these reasons and many, many more, we're seriously thinking about localnomics.

We want to hear how local banks serve communities better. Try the tool to find small banks in your area, or add to the list of community banks below:
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It's easy to participate. Simply click participate below and write out your account. We want to know why some Americans have decided to move their money and why others should.

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