Bernie Sanders Nabs Endorsement From MoveOn.org

MoveOn.org announced its support Tuesday.
Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders now has the support of MoveOn.org.
Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders now has the support of MoveOn.org.

Progressive advocacy group MoveOn.org is throwing its support behind Bernie Sanders.

The group announced its endorsement of the Democratic presidential hopeful on Tuesday.

“This is a massive vote in favor of Bernie Sanders, showing that grassroots progressives across the country are excited and inspired by his message and track record of standing up to big money and corporate interests to reclaim our democracy for the American people,” said MoveOn.org Political Action Executive Director Ilya Sheyman. “MoveOn members are feeling the Bern."

Seventy-eight percent of MoveOn.org members voted to back the senator from Vermont.

The endorsement shouldn't come as a huge surprise given the similarities between the group and Sanders' grassroots support. Both Sanders and MoveOn support campaign finance reform. 

Previously, the group launched an effort to push U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to run for the White House in 2016. MoveOn got its start in 1998 by advocating against the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. The group's relationship with the Clintons has since soured -- Hillary Clinton reportedly bashed the group during her 2008 bid and last year declined to participate in a forum it was hosting.

Sanders has also received endorsements from two other major progressive organizations: the Working Families Party and Democracy for America.

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