Movie Breakup Supercut Makes For A Very Un-Happy Valentine's Day (VIDEO)

Watch A Supercut Of Famous Movie Breakups

With Valentine's Day upon us, there's an overwhelming presence of mixed feelings about the so-called "Hallmark holiday." While some celebrate with an expensive dinner, cards, chocolates and slightly useless stuffed creatures, others are stuck spending a night indoors watching "Downton Abbey" on Netflix with the beloved pint -- or gallon -- of ice cream. But we've all endured a little heartache at one point or another, and at least there are breakup movies to ease the pain. Despising characters like Summer Finn from "(500) Days of Summer" and sympathizing with Bridget in "Bridget Jones's Diary" reminds us that we're not alone.

So whether you're a lover, hater or indifferent individual about Valentine's Day, enjoy the above supercut of movie breakups. And maybe, just maybe, seeing the suffering and sorrows of these fictional characters will bring a little joy to your heart.

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