People Are Hilariously Replacing Movie Casts With Muppets, Except 1 Human Actor

"There is only one answer to this and it is Clue and Tim Curry," said one person on Twitter.

Twitter users have taken Muppets ― those weird, sassy, self-aware puppets owned by Disney ― and suggested movies that would be better served with them as the primary cast, save for one human actor.

The meme has been circulating since this weekend, when a user by the name of Cory Taylor asked Film Crit Hulk on Sunday which movie’s cast he would swap. Taylor has received over 11,000 responses to his question.

The replies included people supplanting Muppets in horror movies, classic films, Hollywood blockbusters and more. Of course, the key in all the responses is the actor each responder chose to keep.

Here were some of our favorite responses:

Does anyone else suddenly want to watch “The Muppet Show” on repeat? No? Just us? OK, we’ll see you all later.

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