Movie Made By Chimpanzees To Air On The BBC (VIDEO)

The first film to be shot entirely by chimpanzees will premiere on the BBC on Wednesday, as part of a natural history documentary called "Chimpcam," the BBC reported.

The chimps were given a chimp-proof camera, designed especially for them, and complete creative control over what they filmed. Researchers will use the footage to observe how chimpanzees perceive the world and each other.

According to the BBC, The chimps were given two challenges:

The first was to teach the chimps how to use a touchscreen to select different videos. The second challenge was to give the apes a "Chimpcam", a recording camera housed in a chimp-proof box.

Initially, the chimps were more interested in each other than the video technology, as two male chimps within the study group vied to become the alpha male, disrupting the experiment. But over time, some of the chimps learned how to select different videos to watch.

WATCH a preview of the chimpanzee film here: