Things All Movie Musicals Need To Succeed

We're in the thick of a movie-musical renaissance. Ignited by the success of "Moulin Rouge!" and "Chicago" in the early 2000s, we've seen a steady wave of Broadway stagecraft (as well as a few original productions, "Moulin Rouge!" among them) hit the big screen, to varying degrees of success. "Jersey Boys" is the latest title to make the transition, with Clint Eastwood at the helm of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons' rise to fame in the 1960s.

The movie has faced mixed reviews and tepid box-office expectations. That's obviously because it doesn't correspond to enough of the movie-musical characteristics we're spotlighting in our handy infographic below, which looks at the genre's defining features. With "Jersey Boys" now in theaters and titles like "Into the Woods," "Wicked" and "Spring Awakening" on their way, here's a look at what epitomizes a big-screen song-and-dance and where some of the classics fit into the genre's legacy.

Interactive infographic by Jan Diehm for The Huffington Post.
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