'Let's Be Cops' And 13 Other Movie Plots That Would Ruin Your Life

Sometimes we wish life were like the movies. (Really, we almost always wish that.) The thing is, some movies are not so enviable. Just look at "Let's Be Cops," a plot that anyone with two ounces of sanity would be ill-advised to covet. Because, in truth, sometimes Hollywood makes bad life choices, like stealing police cars and posing as LAPD officers. That's probably not so wise, right?

In celebration of the ludicrous nature of "Let's Be Cops," here are 14 movies from the past decade whose characters make terrible decisions, listed according to increasingly heinous plots and ranked on a scale of 1 to 10 based on each film's terrible choices.

  • "Fever Pitch" (2005)
    Plot: Ben (Jimmy Fallon) is more obsessed with the Red Sox than with his own girlfriend (Drew Barrymore).
    Worst decision: After agreeing to ditch a game to attend a party with his girlfriend, Ben is irate to learn that the Red Sox won in a great ninth-inning comeback.
    How bad are these life decisions? 2. They can work this out, right? But sports are not better than girlfriends.
  • "We Bought a Zoo" (2011)
    Plot: A widower (Matt Damon) agrees to buy a home that comes with a zoo in the backyard.
    Worst decision: Um. How about buying a zoo? Or using the investment account your wife left you to make sure the zoo stays open?
    How bad are these life decisions? 3. This movie's based on a true story, and the zoo comes with a staff, so it's not really that bad. But imagine that smell in your backyard.
  • "Christmas with the Kranks" (2004)
    Plot: A couple who has decided to forego Christmas (Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis) must scramble to prepare for the holiday when their daughter (Julie Gonzalo) announces at the last minute that she's coming home after all.
    Worst decision: Aiming to eradicate all imprints of Christmas from their lives, the couple freeze their front lawn to obstruct carolers.
    How bad are these life decisions? 4. They're skipping Christmas? No. (It worked better as a John Grisham novel.)
  • "Failure to Launch" (2006)
    Plot: Tripp, a 35-year-old slacker (Matthew McConaughey), is still living at home when his folks (Terry Bradshaw and Kathy Bates) hire Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker) to pose as his dream girl and wean him away from his parental attachment.
    Worst decision: After Tripp realizes the manipulation, his parents tie him up and lock him in a room with Paula in hopes they'll reconcile. (Spoiler: They do.)
    How bad are these life decisions? 5. Just kick him out of the house!
  • "Wedding Crashers" (2005)
    Plot: Two womanizing pals (Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn) pose as wedding guests in hopes of scoring one-night stands.
    Worst decision: Going hunting?
    How bad are these life decisions? 5.5. If you're as good as crashing weddings as these people, we say go for it. That can't be illegal, right?
  • "Without a Paddle " (2004)
    Plot: After their childhood pal dies, three best friends (Seth Green, Matthew Lillard, Dax Shepard) try to fulfill their promise to hunt down the D.B. Cooper bounty that was lost in a 1972 aircraft highjacking.
    Worst decision: What isn't a bad decision in this movie? How about when the guys take a canoe to their overnight campsite, only to realize they haven't brought any food with them?
    How bad are these life decisions? 6. It's a valiant effort, and most of the mayhem is just bad timing. But this trio is a disaster.
  • "The Proposal" (2009)
    Plot: Margaret, the editor of a book-publishing company (Sandra Bullock), marries her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) to avoid being deported to Canada.
    Worst decision: Annoyed at how close Andrew's family is while feigning their engagement, Margaret speeds off in Andrew's boat. While steering, she becomes upset, lets go of the wheel and falls off.
    How bad are these life decisions? 6.5. It's like a classier version of "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry."
  • "Sex Tape" (2014)
    Plot: A couple (Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz) film themselves fornicating in every position listed in "The Joy of Sex," then accidentally sync the clip to a bundle of iPads they've gifted to friends.
    Worst decision: Really, it was their decision to give a bunch of people iPads as gifts. Who does that? Then they break into the YouPorn headquarters and you really have no idea who these people are.
    How bad are these life decisions? 6.5. It technically was all an accident, even if that doesn't make it any less idiotic.
  • "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" (2007)
    Plot: Chuck (Adam Sandler) and Larry (Kevin James) pose as a gay couple in order to reap domestic-partnership benefits.
    Worst decision: While attending a gay benefit costume party, Chuck makes headlines for punching a protester and blows their cover.
    How bad are these life decisions? 7. The movie could be sort of clever if weren't such a crude caricature. Still, don't try this at home.
  • "Limitless" (2011)
    Plot: A writer struggling to finish his book (Bradley Cooper) becomes addicted to a synthetic drug called NZT-48 that allows him to work at a heightened speed but causes his memory to periodically black out.
    Worst decision: Said writer stabs the Russian loan shark who lent him money and then licks his blood to absorb more NZT.
    How bad are these life decisions? 7.5. Designer drugs are all the rage, but a little discretion helps.
  • "Due Date" (2010)
    Plot: Ethan, a dysfunctional actor (Zach Galifianakis), gets himself and nearby passenger Peter (Robert Downey Jr.) kicked off a plane after using the words "terrorist" and "bomb." Placed on the No-Fly List, Peter is left to hitch a ride with Ethan in order to make it home before his wife (Michelle Monaghan) has a baby.
    Worst decision: Every single thing Ethan does: falling asleep at the wheel, accidentally driving to the Mexico-U.S. border and getting caught with weed, stealing a truck to break Peter out of prison because Ethan has fled to avoid being arrested, stealing Peter's wallet, accidentally shooting Peter.
    How bad are these life decisions? 8.5. It could be higher, but it's not really Peter's fault.
  • "21" (2008)
    Plot: Desperate for the funds to attend Harvard Medical School, an MIT math major (Jim Sturgess) joins a professor's (Kevin Spacey) secret blackjack team, becomes an expert card counter and wins hundreds of thousands in the Las Vegas casino scene.
    Worst decision: He becomes so distracted by all the gambling that he ditches his schoolwork, even though the entire goal is to attend Harvard.
    How bad are these life decisions? 9. It's so illegal (but maybe not as illegal as "Let's Be Cops," if only because their law-breaking is a teeny bit more discreet).
  • "Drive" (2011)
    Plot: A mechanic and part-time stunt man (Ryan Gosling) moonlights as a getaway driver for criminals. Worst decision: The driver goes from getaway specialist to murdering machine, which includes smashing a gangster's fingers with a hammer and T-boning a mobster's car on a beach.
    How bad are these life decisions? 9.5. At least he was concerned for his married girlfriend's safety.
  • "Let's Be Cops" (2014)
    Plot: Two friends (Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr.) dressed as LAPD officers for a costume party pose as actual cops after realizing their uniforms convince people they're law enforcement.
    Worst decision: They purchase a police car off eBay.
    How bad are these life decisions? 10. It's very illegal, very erratic and very unfunny.