Movie Review. Cars 3...Cars Three good fun It was a pleasant diversion from my nights glued to CNN to see Cars Three.Good fun!

It was a pleasant diversion from my nights glued to CNN to see Cars 3. Fun it was as it confronted ageing in the age of racing and in the age of anything. How to go out gracefully. How retirement can be a joy when you help others excel in your craft. Lightning Mc Queen whose voice is Owen Wilson is about to race Jackson Storm whose threatening voice is Armie Hammer. Storm has a new high tech car to race guaranteed to destroy Mc Queen’s #95. Mc Queen must train and upgrade his love of vintage cars and racing to join the youth movement which racing has become with technological advancement. Mc Queen meets Cristela Alonzo voiced by Cruz Ramirez who has a helpless but fighting spirit in her voice and indeed she becomes the star of the film.

While training Alonzo who is inspired by the late Hudson Hornet whose voice is the late great Paul Newman. Yes, Paul Newman. Alzonzo insists that Mc Queen find Smokey and train with him. Smokey a hero of Mc Queen’s comes out of hiding in his rural mountainside to help Mc Queen face his demons. Smokey’s voice is Chris Cooper and is the finest voice in the whole shebang. His voice is country and harmonious with the fender on the old beat up brown car. The fender moves in sinc with Smokey’s words and lingers on certain syllables just long enough to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.

Mc Queen finishes the journey from NY to Florida to race the monster Jackson Storm with the help of Alonzo’s coaching which at times pits modern technology against vintage dirt and sand.

Watching the cars enjoy a dance and a band made up of cars on keyboards etc is fun and shows great creativity. The director is Brian Fe who directed the two previous Cars films. Also a visit to the Nascar land deep in the countryside is a hoot as the cars become battered angry trucks which try to destroy Mc Queen and Alonzo who outsmart them, but teach them new speed tricks along the way.The ending is joy especially if you are a parent as the winner is the generosity of spirit in helping a youngster believe it herself. See it and smile.

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