Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts. Beyond Spectacular! Magic Sparkles Plenty

Oh, my. what a film!. J.K. Rowlings has written both the screenplay, the book and proves a woman with total control can triumph, no wizardry here. J.K. Rowlings has four more films to follow Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and I long for their magical release into theatres. David Yates directs with economy and skill, but it is clear J.K.Rowlings is running the show.
Fanstastic Beasts takes place seventy years before writer Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) writes his book in England's Hogwart's school for witchcraft and wizardry . In the beginning of Fantastic Beasts Newt arrives from Britain to New York to visit its secret world of witches and wizards with a suitcase of Fantastic Beasts which will win your heart and then some. The special effects by a huge team made up of David Allday, Paul Brady, Stuart Craig are the most original in a long time. The beasts are darling, frightening and charming. Viscerally enticing
On Newt's first visit to New York he bumps into Jacob Kowalski (Dan Fogler) through whose eyes magic occurs and occurs and occurs. The film unfolds like a scrapbook of a fairy tale about fantasy, imagination, magic never before seen on the silver screen or in any one's lifetime. All of the Fantastic Beasts that Newt meets are originally conceived and not stereotypical creations.
Kowalski becomes Newt's sidekick and falls in fantasy love with Queenie Goldstein (Allison Sudal) but since the world of Newt is one of sorcery, magic and wizardry, his love of Queenie will not be remembered when he returns to the normal world (or will it?).
Newt is the catalyst to the magical creatures some of which Newt wishes to give to America, specifically Arizona.. Colin Farrell plays the evil master of witches and sinister magic with panache and a duality of Mr. Nice Guy turned into monster. There is a trip to central park to catch a beast which is enchanting as the beast takes a fancy to Kowalski who has to run for his life until the beast is returned to Newt's suitcase through his magical manipulation.
Johnny Depp makes a surprise cameo in the end, but one suspects he will reappear in the four following films in this champion example of how a franchise should inspire. Porpentina Goldstein ( Katherine Waterson) is Newt's love interest whom I suspect we also will see in sequels. She is Newt's inspiration to become a writer. Jon Voight and Ron Perelman appear in small roles obviously eager to be part of Rowlings's creative universe. Oh, by the way, if you are an animal lover, this film is for you.
My, what one woman can create and what a wonderful world of wizardry she offers to us all and the hope that our imaginations lead to determination which can lead to reality or just a plain old wonderful films like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.. J.K Rowlings encourages us all to return fora brief visit to memories of our childhoods, resplendent with a non ending inquisitive nature that can be killed off by the mythical wisdom that comes with age. But the reverse has happened to J.K. Rowlings whose imagination and creativity is invigorated with age and thus she becomes an example of virtue for us all. Long live J.K.Rowlings!